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Why should I motorize my blinds, shades or drapery?

1.  Increased Safety: New legislation in Canada and the U.S. bans cord formats on

blinds and draperies that pose a choking hazard to children (and pets).  With the resulting change in availability and type of cord controls, motorization becomes increasingly attractive. For more information on this, please see here.

2. Decreased Cost: There are different automation setups available, some of which are less expensive than others, but sophisticated systems are also decreasing in price as more manufacturers enter the market.

3. Necessity: Some draperies are heavy making it difficult to control them by hand, particularly for people with reduced strength.

4. Convenience: Perhaps you have multiple windows – pushing a button (or even programming it to activate on schedule each day) is much easier than opening all of them, one by one.

5. Increased Property Value: For many buyers, “smart” home or office automation is a significant feature that can increase your resale price.


What motorization options do you offer?

We offer a variety of motorization options for both hardwired and low-voltage-current systems. including motors that are rechargeable by USB (necessary only once or twice a year).

No previous electrical hardwiring in place? No problem! We can install using low-voltage current, which does not require using a licensed electrician. Or if you have electrical hardwiring already in place, we can use that.

Tell us your needs and we can discuss different solutions with you, from low-tech to high-tech.

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The Importance of Proper Installation

If blinds or draperies are not installed properly all sorts of problems can occur, such as:

1. The mounting system can come out of the wall or ceiling;

2. The rod breaks because it cannot support the weight of the draperies, or because not enough brackets were used

3. The window treatment hem/bottom will not hit at the desired height, necessitating new hemming or even adding more fabric (to a finished drape, this adds significantly to the cost and look)

4. The mounting system cannot be attached to the wall or ceiling often because there is no room for it and the drapery/blind in the tight space;

5. Not enough brackets were used so the rod bows downward;

And many others.

If you live within the Greater Toronto Area:

We can install for you if you like.

If you live outside the Greater Toronto Area:

We may be able to arrange installation for you depending on where you live. If we don’t have installation partners there or you prefer to handle the installation yourself we are glad to cooperate with you and any installer you choose.

But even if we don’t install for you, we can still help you choose and send directly to you or your installer the blinds/shades/shutters, drapery, drapery hardware and motorization system.

Will you help me understand how the motorization/automation works?

Absolutely! Your installer should program it for you and explain it to you when they install but we are also happy to help you understand how to use it.

Who should perform the installation?

Sometimes installation is not difficult (particularly for manufactured blinds/shades, etc.) and handy clients are able to complete it themselves. But if you would like us to arrange for expert installation, we are happy to do so if we have contacts in your location. Furthermore, if you choose Hunter Douglas or Maxxmar products, we can often arrange for installers employed or certified by those companies.

We want you to love your new window treatments and have them work well for a long time!